Approved by most major insurance companies
Insurance work and most other types of vehicle
accident repairs are undertaken by a team of highly
skilled staff, who operate to exceptional standards
and have at their disposal some of the most
advanced equipment available.
This includes Blackhawks most powerful
commercial vehicle repair system; the Blackhawk
Power Cage - 300 tons of chassis straightening
power, capable of realigning all types of chassis,
cabs and 13.6 metre trailers with pinpoint accuracy.
Steering and axle alignment can also be undertaken
using the high technology Blackhawk Laser
Alignment equipment, and completing the
installation is the Blackhawk Cab Bench; giving the
system a total collision repair capability, including
the cab section.
For the convenience of our customers we operate a
nationwide collection, delivery and recovery
service, and the company's long experience and in-
depth knowledge of commercial vehicle repair
enables us to provide a comprehensive repair
service that is outstandingly reliable, efficient and
cost-effective, thus minimising downtime costs.

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